A web of individuals, groups, and schools advancing the alternative  education model of Continuous Real-World-Impact Projects with Measurable Positive Impact on their communities and world

ARISE-NET supports a growing, alternative world education movement

ARISE-NET is a curated network of people, programs and schools who are creating and offering kids and parents an alternative real-world-impact project education based on a different perspective on our kids, and a different idea of what an education is and should be.
We support a growing network of individuals, programs and schools around the world — from pre-K to university — who view all young people as far more capable and empowered than our current academically-ranked education typically does — people who see our kids in need of a new type of team-based, real-world-impact, project education that directly supports and applies the unique dreams, concerns, capabilities and passions of each individual.



ARISE-NET is not any single solution or brand, but rather a support network for a growing worldwide movement of people programs and schools all headed in the same newly-emerging – and different – educational direction, as well as for parents and kids who desire this new type of education.


The goal of ARISE-NET is to increase the availability of Alternative Real-World-Impact Student Empowerment Education in the world, both inside and outside of existing schools.

We support an alternative education model, that produces kids who continuously:

  • ACCOMPLISH, in teams, Real-World-Impact projects they design
  • CREATE Measurable Positive Impact on their world and communities
  • BECOME good, effective, world-improving people, each in his or her own way
  • EMPOWER themselves further with skills and technology
  • BETTER THEIR WORLD for others, every day, for the rest of their lives

The alternative model is better for today’s and tomorrow’s kids, who are :

  • > ALREADY EMPOWERED by their unique dreams, concerns, strengths, passions — and new technology — to act and accomplish to better their world— and are seeking more.
  • > NOT “PETS” WE CONROL, but rather empowered humans who can, with our guidance, accomplish real and useful things from the start.
  • > VERY MUCH MORE CAPABLE than we often think, from day one.


It’s a parallel, equally-valid education alternative

  • > IT HAS KIDS ACCOMPLISHING REAL-WORLD PROJECTS AS ITS CORE, with today’s math, English, science, and social studies content as peripheral, offered only as needed.
  • > IT IS EVALUATED ONLY ON REAL-WORLD ACCOMPLISHMENT, and not on grades or “content mastery.”
  • > IT IS WELCOMED ENTHUSIASTICALLY BY MOST KIDS, because they can individually serve their own unique dreams, concerns, strengths & passions.

It can be a better alternative for many:

For Kids

Those who dislike their current school and classes can find themselves an ALTERNATIVE REAL-WORLD-IMPACT STUDENT EMPOWERMENT EDUCATION. (Those who prefer an education of sitting and listening in class can still get it.)

For Parents

Those who are unhappy with their kids’ current school can opt-in to an ALTERNATIVE REAL-WORLD-IMPACT STUDENT EMPOWERMENT EDUCATION. (Those who prefer an “Academic” education for their kid can still get it.)

For Teachers

Those who want to do something better for kids can opt-in to becoming ALTERNATIVE REAL-WORLD-IMPACT STUDENT EMPOWERMENT TEACHERS! (Those who are happy with what they are currently doing will have less pressure to change.)   

For Administrators and Politicians

Those who want to serve the unempowered and underserved in new ways can create an ALTERNATIVE REAL-WORLD-IMPACT STUDENT EMPOWERMENT TRACK for them. (Making it an alternative track avoids making difficult or unpopular changes within existing schools.)



Some Existing Schools and Programs Offering ARISE-NET Education

Pre-K to 8
Design for Change (Global)
Riverside School (India)
Escola Concept (Brazil)
HTH Schools (USA)
“I Can” Schools (Global)
Lyubimy Zhuk  (Russia)
High School
High Tech High (USA)
Apple Challenge Program
AWEcademy (Canada)
World Bridge
Moonshots (USA)
Ecole 42 (France)
Holburton (USA)
Aalto University (Finland)
Microsoft Imagine Cup 
CRI (France)

Contact us

To learn more about our network and about Alternative Real-World-Impact Student Empowerment education, use the form to the right, or contact us using the infomation below. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Phone:  +1-917-826-6965

Email: marcprensky@gmail.com

The ARISE-NET NETWORK is an initiative of:
Marc Prensky, Founder and Executive Director
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